Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and I know many of you are still trying to figure out what to do to make this one romantic and special – or just survive!  I think this day has probably become one of the most dreaded days of the year – especially for those who feel the pressure to be perfect and show that special someone how much they are loved (or liked).  It’s not an easy task and I suspect it has created many stressful moments.  I mean just picking out a card has become tough – with so many to choose from and so many ways one could interpret the meaning.  And if you are one of those who likes to wait until the last minute – then my heart goes out to you because trying to get reservations is nearly impossible and buying flowers will cost you about four times more than usual and the good cards have all been picked over – so best of luck!  And just a trivia note – more than 150 million Valentine’s Day cars are exchanged annually making it the second most popular card sending event after Christmas


Some obvious solutions besides drugs to get Valentine’s Day right is possibly to cook dinner for your significant other – or better yet decide on a “Valentine’s Day” menu and cook it together.  It doesn’t have to be a complicated gourmet recipe.  Trust me, it can be as easy as throwing a couple of steaks on the grill, purchasing a premade salad and perhaps a couple of growlers from your local craft brewery or a nice bottle or two of your favorite wine. In my opinion, though don’t get me wrong because my husband would tell you that I have them everywhere in my home, flowers at this time of the year are overrated.  They are very expensive and don’t last long. I suggest a beautiful plant that will keep much longer (when you remember to water it) or even a bowl of suggestive “succulents”.….  Leaving a few love-notes around, even if they are on sticky notes, will be far more appreciated than a Hallmark card that usually is someone else’s sentiment trying to replicate what you really feel.  And if your loved one is anticipating something more – like jewelry or a diamond then you are on your own.


I often wondered how and when Valentine’s Day became such an important part of our culture.  Estimates, according to the National Retail Federation, show that this year Americans will spend just under $20B (yes billion) on valentine merchandize including dinner, candy, flowers, decorations and other things that leave a lot to the imagination!  Jewelry is actually the top selling gift followed by roses that can break your piggy bank (or at least mine)!


The origin of Valentine’s Day has so many different theories from the execution of a priest from Rome who challenged the decree from Emperor Cladius II who banned the marriage of men in the military because it made them bad soldiers. The priest was imprisoned and executed on February 14th for secretly marrying the soldiers. There is another theory that it started as a result of an ancient Roman pagan fertility festival called Luprecalia.  And, of course there are many more for you historic buffs, but none can compete with the materialistic transformation (manifestation) to the current modern day Valentine’s Day expectations.


At the end of the day I would simply propose (thanks mostly to the one who owns my forever heart) that we make every day Valentine’s Day!  While it might seem corny to some, I do believe that life it too short and we should never miss a moment to find ways to nurture romance and show those we love how important and special they are in our lives.

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